McIntyre Tile is a niche tile producer manufacturing hand-made ceramic tile in California. They had an existing site that was encyclopedic in content but lacked the sophistication to show that they were an industry leader. Additionally the new site needed to find an eloquent way to communicate McIntyre's wide offerings even though most of their products were crafted in a quasi-custom format and "made to order." Lastly, the client desired to be able to update their virtual product catalog in-house.


BP partnered with Rustad Marketing in order to meet all of the client's needs. Rustad Marketing not only helped develop a superior graphic style for the new site, but also helped with the presentation of McIntyre's virtual product catalog. The client's needs were met and exceeded by developing an integrated product directory that let users (and McIntyre sales people) access product information by color and by product category. The site administration area allows the client to update the site themselves through a series of simple tools. These tools are smart enough to do things like match tile sizes even with different size photos and sort tiles by color (which is actually more difficult than it sounds).

When the project was complete, it exceeded all of our hopes and expectations. Not only did it firmly establish McIntyre Tile as an industry leader, it played a significant roll in helping our client secure a buyer for his company. This is the perfect example of how a website can increase a company's equity.


Bright Productions has earned my trust. I've been working with BP for many years now and they consistently deliver what they promise. I enjoy working with their staff and feel like they have listened well enough to have a good understanding of my business and our unique needs. I have no reservations in recommending their services. As a matter of fact, my wife was recently setting up a website for her business and I recommended Brian and his team to her!

Bob McIntyre
Founder, McIntyre Tile Company

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They are there whenever I need them, and they always know just what is needed...
— Kim Thomas
Marketing Manager,
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