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First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation is a division of First American Corporation, a multi-national company that employs tens of thousands of people in over 70 countries. First American approached BP with a unique challenge. They already had a large sucessful website that served their general needs. That being said, they were interested in reaching a new market: Potential customers that were not currently involved in a real estate transaction.


BP had two qualities that made us the perfect choice for First American:

In order to achieve the client's goals, BP developed a highly sucessful search engine campaign that beat First American's annual goals within the first few months that it ran. The keys to success were the experts that BP had reguarly monitoring and adjusting the search campaign, a customized content mangagement system that BP developed to land users on a version of the site matched to their search, and weekly face to face meetings with the client to report on results and consult on future adjustments.


My company hired Bright Productions to build a website and run a Search Engine Marketing campaign earlier this year. When the work was started we set aggressive but realistic measurable goals to be achieved in approximately 6 months. The work that was done exceeded our expectations by far and we more than doubled those goals in the first months that the site was up and running. I am happy to say that as a result of this first site's success, we have had to hire additional staff to accommodate our growth and we will now be investing even more into another website.

- Jeff Powell
First American Home Warranty Division

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